March marbling and Hatch top box class

Decorative Box Making :: Hatch-Top Box | March 3, 2019

“Great instruction - and we walked away with a completed project!”

“This is the fourth workshop I’ve taken from Pietro, and I’ve enjoyed them all.”

“I’ve enjoyed every workshop I’ve taken from Pietro. He really knows his stuff, and he’s dedicated to helping all his students succeed.”

“Well organized workshop. This complex project was well planned. The workshop scope and timing was also well timed as we finished the project comfortably in the allotted time frame. Our instructor was experienced and helpful.”

Introduction to Western Paper Marbling | March 2, 2019

“Everything! Literally. The instructor was knowledgeable, personable and a natural teacher. He generously shared the wisdom he has gained from years of paper marbling and provided a handout with useful resources. Most of the class time was spent marbling paper using various techniques Pietro demonstrated. Every aspect of marbling was discussed and demonstrated, including paper selection/prep, size composition/ prep to marbling patterns. We were delighted to produce complex and beautiful marbling patterns and to have the knowledge to continue the endeavor in the future.”

“We consider ourselves fortunate indeed to have had the opportunity to learn paper marbling from Pietro. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, organized and a natural teacher. He encouraged each of us to explore marbling within our personal styles of creativity and to be adventurous with new techniques. The quality and quantity of materials he provided were most appreciated.”

“It would be helpful to have a handout with step by step instructions for a few of the marbling patterns.”

“Pietro was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his marbling. His joy in marbling and helping his students produce magnificent results was obvious and infectious. He would answer detailed technical questions and give clear unambiguous answers revealing details that are often left out. I believe he imparted enough knowledge that I am confident I will be able to continue to improve my own skills and produce marble paper the show good results. Pietro was also patient with his students and always had time to answer questions and challenge us to take full advantage of the time we had.”

“I am already planning on purchasing paints and size constituents to match those Pietro used in his class. I also will be ordering at least one of the books on marbling he recommended. The prints I obtained were exciting and far exceeded my expectations of the class. I am also putting together a list a combs and rake that I will be making for my own marbling tools. My wife and I will be back for a future class with Pietro on Intro to Fabric Marbling. Sincerely, Niles Kynett”

“Pietro obviously is knowledgeable and passionate about marbling. It was clear to me that he also very much enjoys interacting with his class attendees. I had a great time yesterday and the instructor was the key.”

“I would not call this a negative rather I recommendation for his future classes. It would be a plus it add instructions to his handout that detail the steps for each of the marbling patterns he demonstrated. I found that after returning home and looking at my results, I have to think about the techniques I used to products the more complex patterns. This is a minor recommendation as it in no way detracted from my enjoyment in attending this class.”